Lines of Credit

A Line-of-Credit (LOC) maximizes your purchasing power, while providing valuable overdraft protection for a chequing account. It ensures access to funds when needed-without waiting or arranging for a personal loan. It's great for personal emergencies, car repairs, major home appliances, investment opportunites, education, RRSP, etc. Rates are lower than retail credit cards, so paying off credit card balances in full each month with a LOC limit can reduce overall borrowing costs.

We offer a variety of line of credit options including:


  • Members control their own credit
  • Funds are easily accessible by debit card, cash withdrawal, or personal cheque
  • Competitive fixed or variable interest rate
  • Flexible payment schedules – monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly
  • Pay interest only on amount of funds used 

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection will protect you from cheques being returned or help with short term needs until payday.  It's attached to your chequing account, with limits from $100 - $5000.  Interest is calculated daily on your outstanding overdraft balance and charged monthly.  Interest is calculated at 18% with a minimum interest charge of $5.00. Note...there is no monthly fee if the account does not go into overdraft on any approved line of credit.

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Financial documents such as a T4 and/or recent paystubs will be required for loan approval.
All loans subject to credit approval and normal credit guidelines.