Life Events

Major Purchases

Over the course of your life, you can expect to make several major purchases. Whether you're buying a car, planning a vacation or even looking into home ownership, there are some standard guidelines you should follow when making any large purchase. From loans and mortgages, to long-term savings plans, Beaubear Credit Union can help you with these life changing investments.


Whether you're thinking about starting an RRSP, or planning a new budget around your pension or other income, there are some things you should know about your finances during retirement. Let us point out the options available to help you get the most out of your money in later life.


At Beaubear Credit Union, we know how important an education is in today's world. We also know how expensive school can be. From saving and investing for your education, to applying for loans to help cover the cost of tuition or other expenses, there are a number of financial options available to help students of all ages.


No matter how large or small your family may be, careful financial planning can make a big difference in the quality of all your lives. Whether you're looking at long-term investments or simply trying to balance your current budget, Beaubear Credit Union wants to help you create the financial plans that will best help you and your family whatever your financial situation.

Tough Times

Unfortunately, most people go through financial difficulties at one time or another. Being prepared and aware of your financial options can make getting through these times easier financially, as well as emotionally. At Beaubear Credit Union, we've put together some useful information to help you through the difficult times so you can get back on your feet.