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Personal Loans

There are plenty of reasons to borrow. What if you suddenly need to replace your appliances? What if you could finally start on home renovations? What if you need to consolidate your debt? Whether it’s planned or unexpected, we can help with whatever your “what if” happens to be.
Whether you need a personal loan or just some honest financial advice, we can help.

We have the products and services to get you to your life goals and our knowledgeable employees are here to offer advice and solutions that work for you.

  • A pre-arranged line-of-credit makes cash available simply by writing a cheque, or making a withdrawal - in person, through the ATM or Direct Payment.
  • A pre-approved personal loan gives you the control to negotiate the best price on that new car without being limited to certain models or terms on your financing. You’ll know before you start looking for that new vehicle what you’re willing to pay and for how long.
  • A pre-approved mortgage gives you the peace of mind to shop around for the right home. With the best financing already in place, you relieve the stress of trying to arrange your financing after you’ve found the home you want.


  • Guide to Buying Your First Vehicle Maybe you’re looking to buy your first car. Or your first real car. Either way, there are a lot of choices to make when it comes to buying your first vehicle.
  • Guide to Borrowing Money  Borrowing isn’t about getting money for free, it’s about entering into a contract with your financial institution so they can provide you with a service.
  • Guide to Retirement  Planning and saving for your eventual retirement is the ultimate long game. A little bit of strategy now can lead to a more winning future.
  • Guide to Saving and Investing No matter what your dreams are for the future, starting to save and invest now can help you turn your dreams into a reality.
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